Contracts and Maintenance Agreements

Contracts & Maintenance Agreements

Rock Solid Systems Support is not just about computer repairs, troubleshooting, or standing up a new office network. Rock Solid Systems Support is about proactively keeping your systems and network safe and secure from hackers, malware, malicious users or even disgruntled employees, as well as environmental disasters like fire, flood or lightning strikes, hardware failure and even plain old, dumb user mistakes.

By implementing a series of preparations and safeguards, we can substantially reduce the risk to your systems and data so in the long run, repair and maintenance costs are reduced, downtime is less likely and substantially shortened (and that’s the REAL cost savings!), and overall operating costs are reduced. In the end, that means less stress and fewer “headaches” for the office manager or business owner.

These preparations and safeguards are based on the best practices used by enterprise-grade businesses and government institutions. On a macro level, the efforts address the following major categories:

  • Backups
  • Software and Operating System Updates
  • Antivirus and Security Software Configuration
  • Account Configuration
  • Network Configuration, including Network Firewalls, VLANs and Guest Networks
  • System Usage and Personnel Policies
  • Training
  • Redundancy for certain systems, components or user roles, including backup power, duplicate/mirrored hard drives, and even hot-failover/standby systems

Safeguards are recommended and implemented according to relative costs associated with threat risk and value of the system or information. This is basic risk management: we consider the possible threats, the value of your information and how your business relies on that information, and we select safeguards in accordance with those threats and the financial impact that downtime could incur. This is not a “kitchen-sink” approach, but rather, it’s a measured, carefully-considered attempt to lower risks and impact from an “event.” It’s big-company strategy applied to small business needs, and the end result will be safer, more reliable systems and information, and easy-going for everyone involved.

Whether your needs are for a one-time repair or system tune-up, configuring a new office network, or for an ongoing, periodic maintenance agreement, call Jim Rothe at Rock Solid Systems Support today!

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